Technical Information

How Does GeoSpray Work?

After application by a certified contractor, a proprietary blend of minerals, interlocking fibres and speciality binders adhere GeoSpray to the substrate, forming a tough, resilient and flexible cover. This durable cover can move with the ground below, minimising cracking.

Unrivalled flexibility
Because GeoSpray can be applied using hydroseeding equipment, our GeoSpray contractors are able to access difficult-to-reach places.

Compliance assured
Geospray meets or exceeds all relevant transport and main roads specifications, including:

  • MRSR2 – regarding erosion and sediment control
  • 1237P – regarding geobinders (non-toxic material or substance sprayed on to soils to prevent erosion).
  • 1345P – regarding erosion control blanket (products reduce impact of raindrops and low-velocity flow).

Independently Tested

‘Water in the GeoSpray-treated drain was clear of sediment for the duration of the test. In contrast, erosion was very evident where the drain terminated in bare soil at the near horizontal base of the track. The inherent permeability of GeoSpray was evident in the testing. Water draining through the GeoSpray coating slowed the advance of water down the drain. The wetted area could be depressed by foot pressure without damage to the coating.’

Independent Analyst Druce Batstone B.Sc. (APP), B.E., PHD.

geospray before and after on wall

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