Product Overview

GeoSpray. Sprays On. Stops Erosion.

After application, GeoSpray forms a non-flammable crust that holds the substrate underneath in place, reducing the risk of contamination to nearby storm water drains and creeks.

1 product, 2 variants
GeoSpray Original is porous and binds safely with the substrate. Advantages are that it is unaffected by the high winds that dislodge and tear geotextile products. Requiring no maintenance, it can handle storms and rain events because water drains through it. GeoSpray original can also be vegetated, eliminating the need for Jute matting and other TRM technology.

GeoSpray Extreme does not allow for water penetration, making it ideal for highly dispersive soils, extreme weather events, extreme slopes, clean water drains and for use as a sediment dam liner.

Created by EnviroStraw
Developed by leading Australian soil scientists, the EnviroStraw range of products are proven to control erosion, revitalise soil and establish native vegetation anywhere.

Compliance assured. Unrivalled flexibility.

1 Product, Many Uses

Use GeoSpray to control erosion in a range of situations.

Stabilising road-side batters and swale drains

Lining a ditch

To prevent land-filled erosion

Permanent clean water vegetated drains

Controlling sedimentation

Covering contaminated fill

Dust and water run-off control on mine sites

Steep slope stabilisation

Why GeoSpray?

Cost effective

No handling heavy rolls of geotextile

Can be left on site after job completion

Quick application

Not impacted by high winds

Can be applied to hydroseeded areas

Can be vegetated

Handles severe storm events

Australian designed and manufactured

geospray before and after on wall

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