Moggill River, Brisbane


The challenge

A slope on the Moggill River Embankment in Queensland required stabilising. The substrate was a combination of river sand and sandstone, and the angle of the slope was 2-1 / 1-1.

The solution

To stabilise the slope, our spray-on erosion control product, GeoSpray, was applied under the supervision of Dr. Druce Batstone B.Sc. (App), B.E., PhD.

The results

In a follow-up report, Dr. Druce Batstone wrote: “I was asked to independently estimate the probable maximum flow of water over a stabilised slope at Moggill. Rapid curing of GeoSpray was evident on the field day. The flexibility and porosity of GeoSpray indicates suitability for application on dispersive sodic soils. Resistance to erosion by surface flow would be comparable to cement-based coatings, but with the added ability to better conform to changes in structurally unstable soils without cracking.”

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